Where to Find Reliable Information on Crime and Safety in Suffolk County

This article provides an overview on crime & safety information for residents of Suffolk County including warning alerts you can receive & types of devices that receive them.

Where to Find Reliable Information on Crime and Safety in Suffolk County

The Precinct Crimes Section of Suffolk County is responsible for investigating most misdemeanor and violation crimes, as well as reports of domestic incidents. To keep the public informed, public safety officials use reliable and timely systems to alert citizens in the event of natural or man-made disasters. This article will provide an overview of the different warning alerts you can receive and the types of devices that receive the alerts. The District and Municipal Courts Division of Suffolk prosecutors have specialized court teams assigned to the Mental Health Court, Drug Court, Homeless Court, and Boston Veterans Treatment Court.

These specialized sessions use judicial oversight to help vulnerable populations comply with treatment plans, remain sober, and resolve their low-level cases through intervention instead of incarceration. The High Court Division is made up of several specialized units, most of which are dedicated to a particular type of crime. The prosecutors, advocates, investigators, and administrative staff assigned to these units are highly trained individuals who are devoted to achieving justice for victims and their families. They often assist district court prosecutors in especially complex cases.

The Appeals Unit works to ensure the integrity of criminal convictions in Suffolk County. As the most active appellate team in the state, this team litigates appeals before the Massachusetts Court of Appeals and the Supreme Judicial Court; challenges judicial errors and seeks to develop and clarify jurisprudence by filing more affirmative appeals than any other appellate unit; processes complex or cutting-edge pretrial and post-conviction motions in trial courts; and helps write laws. The Office of Criminal Strategies directly addresses firearms and gang-related violence by coordinating prosecution through the Gang Unit, Narcotics Unit, Human Trafficking and Exploitation Unit, Juvenile Unit, and Juvenile Alternative Resolution Program (JAR). The CSB excludes first-time and low-level offenders and targets those who promote violent crime, distribute large quantities of illicit drugs, and pose the greatest threat to their communities. It also oversees the Community Reinvestment Program for Asset Seizure, which holds money and assets seized from drug traffickers and gives them to non-profit groups that steer young people away from drugs, gangs, and risky behavior. On behalf of the hard-working members of the Suffolk County Police Department, citizens are encouraged to get involved.

As part of its overall mission to care for victims and protect the citizens of the county, the District Attorney's office maintains a presence in nine municipal and district courts throughout Suffolk County. The Suffolk County Department of Public Works plans to treat sectors of certain communities as part of its ongoing annual efforts to control adult mosquitoes. The mission of the Suffolk County Police Department is to protect and serve all residents of this great county. The Suffolk County Emergency Management Office will provide instructions and information for Suffolk County residents on this webpage as needed during important emergency events. The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office serves the cities and towns of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop, Massachusetts, handling more than 25,000 new criminal cases each year in nine district and municipal courts, the Suffolk Superior Court, Massachusetts Court of Appeals, Supreme Judicial Court, and Boston Juvenile Court.

Anonymous hotlines are available in partnership with Suffolk County Crimestoppers for advice on criminal activities. To obtain a permit to carry concealed weapons in the City of Suffolk, you must first apply for the permit in person or by mail to the Clerk of the Circuit Court at the Courthouse. Most serious crimes committed in Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop are tried in the Suffolk Superior Court located at Pemberton Square in Boston. The Suffolk Animal Care maintains a shelter to protect stray animals in need. The Suffolk TASC promotes public safety by helping people struggling with alcohol or substance abuse problems who also participate in the criminal justice system. This service is provided free of charge; however message & data rates may apply.