Exploring the Racial Diversity of Suffolk County, NY

Discovering demographic trends & racial diversity in Suffolk County NY? Learn about population data & charts that visualize decades worth of information.

Exploring the Racial Diversity of Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County, New York is a vibrant area with a population of 1.5 million people. It is home to a diverse range of cultures and languages, with 23.8% of the population speaking a language other than English. Spanish is the most popular foreign language, spoken by 13% of the population, followed by Italian (15,200 residents) and Chinese (12,000 people). Other languages include Urdu and Greek. Compared to other counties in New York, Suffolk has a higher proportion of Italian-speaking residents.

The average age of Suffolk residents is 41.2 years, with the highest percentage of people aged 5-17 at 16%. People aged 45-54 account for 14% of the population.

The Ages, Races, and Population Density of Suffolk County Tell a Story

To gain an understanding of the changing demographic trends in Suffolk County, it is useful to look at charts that visualize decades of population data. The largest universities in Suffolk County (New York) by number of degrees awarded are Stony Brook University (7,961 (54.3%)), Suffolk County Community College (3,403 (23.2%)), and Farmingdale State College (2,238 and 15.3%).The table below shows how the percentage of uninsured people in Suffolk County (New York) changed over time compared to the percentage of people enrolled in various types of health insurance. Over the past 50 years, some counties were merged or divided and the resulting data was redistributed to other counties. The most popular majors in Suffolk County (New York) are General Studies (1605 and 10.9%), General Business Administration (26%), Management (1257 and 8.57%), and General Biological Sciences (534 and 3.64%).

This visualization illustrates the percentage of students who graduate with a bachelor's degree in schools in Suffolk County, New York, by specialty. Suffolk County (New York) borders Fairfield County (Connecticut), Middlesex County (Connecticut), New Haven County (Connecticut), New London County (Connecticut), Nassau County (New York), and Washington County (Rhode Island). The homeownership rate in Suffolk County (New York) is 81.4%, roughly equal to the national average of 64.4%.

Visualizing Population Data

The following map shows all the districts of Suffolk County, New York, colored by their median household income (total). This graph illustrates the stock breakdown of the top jobs held by residents of Suffolk County, New York. This chart shows the stock breakdown of major industries for residents of Suffolk County, New York, although some of these residents may live in Suffolk County, New York, and work elsewhere. The chart below shows households in Suffolk County, New York, distributed among a number of car ownership groups compared to the national averages for each group.

The table below the paragraph shows property taxes in Suffolk County, New York, compared to its main and neighboring geographies. Car ownership in Suffolk County is similar to the national average with an average of 2 cars per household. This chart shows the percentage of homeowners in Suffolk County compared to major and neighboring geographies. None of the households in Suffolk reported speaking a language other than English at home as their primary shared language.