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    Book review: “Billy and the Blanket Monster”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I didn’t have a childhood of being read to and my young years were filled of a pictorial oral history of my parents and their childhood in Ireland, early 20th century. Read More »

    Movie Review “Allied”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I looked forward to seeing this movie, even traveled up to Holtsville to be greatly disappointed and I was so let down by it. Read More »

    Seasons of Long Island at the Gillette House

    PALS Plein Air Limner Society announces its Seventh Annual Art Show, Seasons of Long Island, at the BAFFA Gallery in Sayville.

    Read More »

    Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts (BAFFA) Concert November 19th

    by Ann Armoza

    The Bay Area Symphony Orchestra and the Bay Area Chorus, of BAFFA, will perform at Bayport- Blue Point High School on November 19th beginning at 7:30 PM. Read More »

    Theresa Dodaro – A Sayville Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

    by Judy Abrams

    Introducing Sayville resident Theresa Dodaro, wife and mother of a daughter and son, and now an author of two books. These books begin a trilogy geared for older teens, but have been read, praised and appreciated by many readers like myself who are way past high school as well. Read More »

    Great South Bay Quilters Guild show at BAFFA Gallery

    by Ann Armoza

    In honor of its 34th year, the Great South Bay Quilters Guild will present a show of handmade quilts at the BAFFA Gallery in Sayville from October 22nd through the 30th. Read More »

    Movie Review – “Magnificent Seven”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I labored over this review.  Bottom line, I got in out of the rain for a few dollars, container of freshly made pop corn in hand and took a seat. Read More »

    Jane Monheit and Michael Kanan play Ellington and Gershwin at Bellport Methodist Church

    by Ann Armoza

    Grammy nominated jazz vocalist Jane Monheit, and pianist, Michael Kanan, will perform at 7:00 PM on Sunday evening, October 16th at Bellport Methodist Church in Bellport. Read More »

    Dominick Ricciardi Photographic Exhibit at BAFFA Gallery

    by Ann Armoza

    Folded Geometry by graphic artist, Dominick Ricciardi, is a visual diary of the psychological and personal changes that occurred during months of weekly meditation in sensory deprivation. Read More »

    Movie Review – “Sully”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I was called Sully by one friend most of my life due to my last name when I was young.  To this film I give recognition to the Director Clint Eastwood. Read More »

    The Common Ground Memorial Service, September 11, 2016

    Moonlight Memorial Service at The Common Ground Between Gillette and Candee Avenues will be held Sunday, September 11, 7:00 pm. Read More »

    BAFFA to Feature the Abstract Expressionist Paintings of Janene Gentile

    The large Abstract Expressionist paintings of the renowned Long Island artist Janene Gentile will be on exhibit at the Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts (BAFFA) Art Gallery at 47 Gillette Avenue in Sayville from September 17-24th. Read More »

    Lawrence Costello Graphics Exhibit at BAFFA Gallery

    Ann Armoza

    The work of graphic artist, Lawrence Costello, will be on exhibit at The BAFFA Gallery in Sayville from August 23rd to the 28th. Read More »

    Film Review “The Innocents”

    by Joan Lengyel

    At the close of WWII, winter of 1945, Russian troops marched into Warsaw, Poland as the occupying victorious army. Read More »

    The Kitty Genovese Story-“The Witness” – Movie Review

    by Joan Lengyel

    On March 13, 1964, Kitty Genovese was repeatedly attacked on a street in Kew Gardens, Queens. Read More »