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    Sayville School District LOWERS the Tax Rate For Second Consecutive Year
    September 22, 2017 6:04 pm  
    Sayville School District LOWERS the Tax Rate For Second Consecutive Year

    by Linda Mittiga, Sayville Schools Public Relations

    In May 2017, Sayville voters may remember approving one of the lowest tax-rate increases among all Long Island school districts when they went to the polls for the Sayville School District’s 2017-2018 Proposed Budget.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/ad-13.htmlHowever, thanks to the District’s sound fiscal management that earned the highest possible Moody’s Bond Rating (Aa1), Sayville School District is in the unique position—for a second consecutive year—of being able to lower the Homestead tax rate even more.

    “The stars have aligned,” Assistant Superintendent for Business John J. Belmonte announced at the August 24th Board of Education meeting, referring to Town of Islip’s modest increase in the Assessed Valuations of the Sayville and West Sayville communities and the slight shift in Base Allocations from the Homestead to Non homestead. Every August, the Town of Islip determines the year’s Assessed Valuations and the Base Allocation figures that annually impact the setting of the ‘tax rate’ and the Tax Levy. (Base Allocations and Assessed Valuations are determined by the Town of Islip, NOT the School District.)

    Again this year, these two factors—combined with the District’s consistently strong reserve levels—had a positive effect on the setting of the tax rate and enabled the District to pass on these saving to the tax payers.

    What this all means for a house assessed at $40K, is that the homeowner will see a reduction of $36/year BEFORE any STAR exemptions. In addition to this savings, the Sayville students are seeing an increase in programs and an increase in staff to reduce class sizes. This is a win-win for taxpayers and students.

    During the August 24, 2017 BOE meeting, the Board of Education voted to lower the tax rate from +0.25% to -0.47%, making the reduction official.

    For questions regarding this tax-rate decrease, you may call the office of John J. Belmonte, Sayville Assistant Superintendent for Business, at 631 244-6530.

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