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    Sayville Movie Theatre Movies Review
    September 1, 2017 12:59 pm  
    Sayville Movie Theatre Movies Review

    Great films showing at Sayville Movie Theatre.

    First, “Wind River” is a must see, a true story that takes place on a Native American Reservation.  Story revolves around the demise of a young woman on the reservation.  

    Law enforcement is notified.  Wait until you see the levels of “jurisdiction” handling one another.  I see the levels of Law Enforcement in NYC when the General Assembly opens at the UN (September 12, 2017). Did mini “sidewalk interviews”, very interesting.

    Back to film: The cast is very good as is the cinematography. This true story comes to us through the abilities of Taylor Sheridan writer, director. “Sicario” and “Hell or High Water” are two of his other films and both are superior work. Sheridan grew up in Cranfills Gap, Texas, population 281 people.  I’m trying to figure out how his mind developed but it’s amazing.  Your time will be well spent at the movies with this one.

    The second movie “The Glass Castle” is dysfunctional family in spades. You get overwhelmed by the total disregard this “family” has.  Your children are telling you they are hungry and the “parents” brains takes them on a flight of fantasy, removes them from reality.  Cigarettes and whisky in place of milk and bread.  But, as low as this movie takes you, you are in an old beat up Chevy bouncing across the country to another place to “exist”.

    This is a very good movie in the hands of actresses Brie Larson and Naomi Watts.

    Joan Lengyel

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