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    Garbarino: State Budget Complicated By Misguided Priorities
    April 19, 2017 6:01 pm  
    Garbarino: State Budget Complicated By Misguided Priorities

    “No one expects the budget to be an easy process, however, the ever-increasing addition of politically-charged policy and secretive budget negotiations insisted upon by the governor has complicated the entire process to the point that the budget is weeks late.

    There are few items in the budget which I can support. I reject how the budget was approached and its failure to serve the needs of Long Islanders.

    “This budget does nothing t
    o provide relief to small businesses and it does not go far enough to reform Workers Compensation, which is hurting job-creators. It puts further burden on our local municipalities and does not provide our fair share of school aid. It is clear, the legislature has allowed itself to be distracted by controversial and divisive policies such as ‘raise the age’ and free college tuition instead of remaining focused on what is needed most. New Yorkers, especially the communities and constituents I represent on Long Island, deserve relief and more transparency in how their hard-earned dollars will be spent by the governor.”

    Statement from Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I,Ref-Sayville)

    Garbarino represents the 7th Assembly District, which consists of parts of the towns of Brookhaven and Islip. For more information, please visit Garbarino’s official website.

    Contact: Bernadette VanDeinse | 518-455-5313 | vandeinseb@nyassembly.gov
    Follow Assemblyman Garbarino on Facebook: fb.com/AssemblymanGarbarino


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