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    Garbarino: Reform Needed In Board Of Regents Elections To Best Support Education
    April 12, 2017 4:12 pm  
    Garbarino: Reform Needed In Board Of Regents Elections To Best Support Education

    Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I,Ref-Sayville) voted for alternative nominees for three Board of Regents positions.

    The assemblyman opted for candidates who are more closely aligned with the public’s objectives of reforming Common Core and strengthening career-oriented skills.

    However, the Democratic-controlled assembly essentially has complete control in electing nominees to the Board of Regents. Additionally, Garbarino called for reforms to the process by which Regents positions are elected, asserting that these positions should be more democratically elected and should involve more public scrutiny.

    “The election of Board of Regents members is incredibly important to how our educational system will function for our children and the way in which they are selected excludes input from the public – this must be reformed now,” said Garbarino. “Parents and voters must be able to weigh in on who will be representing them in matters of education. Despite today’s disappointing, undemocratic outcome, I will continually advocate for my constituents to support Common Core reform and policies which will strengthen education to better prepare students for adulthood.”

    The Board of Regents consists of 17 members, 13 of which represent individual judicial districts and four of which are at-large members. They select the Commissioner of Education, have authority to legislate education policy, supervise all education activities in the state, and preside over the University of the State of New York and the New York State Education Department (SED).

    Garbarino has long been touting reforms to Common Core through a plan called the Achieving Pupil Preparedness and Launching Excellence (APPLE) Plan. Fortunately, with applied pressure from the assemblyman and other advocates, portions of the plan were adopted by the legislature or Board of Regents, such as allowing educators to develop age- and developmentally-appropriate curricula for students, the elimination of the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) which put funding burdens on schools, and the creation of a career and technical education high school diploma, among other reforms.  However, the assemblyman contends there are many more reforms which must be adopted and implemented to improve education of students and support teachers.

    Garbarino sponsors legislation A.4000, which would require a public vote on the members of the Board of Regents. The assemblyman believes the system would be improved by more democratic involvement. He would also support other measures of reform like A.2700, which would require a super-majority, or two-thirds vote by the joint legislature on any Regents nominees and A.2418, which would require public hearings on Regents nominees.

    Garbarino represents the 7th Assembly District, which consists of parts of the towns of Brookhaven and Islip. For more information, please visit Garbarino’s official website. 

    Contact:   Bernadette VanDeinse | 518-455-5313 | vandeinseb@nyassembly.gov
    Follow Assemblyman Garbarino on Facebook: fb.com/AssemblymanGarbarino

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