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    Movie Rewires: Hidden Figures and A Dog’s Purpose
    February 9, 2017 12:20 pm  
    Movie Rewires: Hidden Figures and A Dog’s Purpose

    by Joan Lengyel

    Hidden Figures
    NASA didn’t see or need these woman. The woman were data entry people just recording the works of others.

    Yes, this is a true story featuring three African American women. The three main characters had different personalities which livened up the world of mathematics machines and may I, with all due respect say, MEN.  The story line once again is a front page issue, gender equality in the market place. One major difference in this movie is the main characters are “colored”, a sidebar to history can be learned here. An amazing untold story of one of these woman in high heels working in the bowels of NASA got the late “John Glenn” on the moon. The highlight for me was to see pictures of the three “Hidden Figures” on the screen. A well done worthwhile movie.

    A Dog’s Purpose
    When humans don’t fill your needs. a dog can be the next best thing.  This time you are allowed to get into a dog’s mind, fun and light hearted.  We get the humans story visually but lurking in the corner is a “dog” or dogs.  This animal reincarnates itself into many different “pets” on the surface but the mind is one dog throughout the movie (fun).  A light piece of country fare suited for the entire family.

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