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    Movie Review “Patriots Day”
    January 22, 2017 3:50 pm  
    Movie Review “Patriots Day”

    This movie will take you back to 4-15-13.  With the talent of Mark Wahlberg (as P.O. Tommy Saunders) and the director, Peter Berg you will be a silent observer to a horrific day in the City of Boston, Ma.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/kay2016/FA16_%20Kay%20Cameron.jpgThere will be a bombing at a marathon where three people die and 264 are wounded. From this something called “Boston Strong” develops. You get a glimpse of law enforcement at its best.  Is the bombing a local “disruption” or terrorism? You see the differing opinions, the different juristrictions and, of course, the variety of personalities.”They” have to move before a TV station shows pictures they have.  Kevin Bacon, as Special Agent Richard Des Lauriers, delivers an outstanding performance.  On the other hand, Wahlberg is jumping out of his skin as a Boston police officer.  He is on the front line when the bombs go off.  He is in the thick of the investigation.  He gets into a fire fight with bullets parting his $10.00 hair cut.

    The storytelling starts slow with aerial views of the city waking up (not a care in the world, just put the coffee on for another day; do you recall your morning on 9-11?)  The bombing in Boston made the news but with the through research of this production you get to be a witness.  Pretty keen stuff. Don’t miss this film.

    By Joan Lengyel

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