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    Sayville Historical Society Receives Grant from The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation
    December 19, 2016 5:48 pm  
    Sayville Historical Society Receives Grant from The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation

    Sayville Historical Society News

    Sayville Historical Society is very pleased to announce it was awarded a generous grant by The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation to replace the 19th century-style fencing around the property with a similar cedar board fence.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/kay2016/FA16_%20Kay%20Cameron.jpgThe Foundation also funded the repainting of the exterior of the circa 1785 Edwards Homestead building.  The accompanying photograph, taken by Robert Immoor, shows the new fence and freshly-painted historic house. Co-Presidents, Constance Currie and James Connell, are standing on either side of Judge Peter Fox Cohalan, a member of the Board of Directors of the Gardiner Foundation who has been supportive of our organization for many years.  Missing from the photo is Aileen (Peg) Piffard, who wrote the successful grant application.

    “The Sayville Historical Society has always been an important educational resource for its community. The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation is pleased to support their efforts to help further outreach and community engagement.” said the Executive Director of the Foundation Kathryn M. Curran.

    “As President of the Sayville Historical Society,” writes Constance Currie, “ I would like to thank

    The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation for awarding us a grant with which to install a new fence and paint the farm house. Two improvements that have been a long time coming and have made a major improvement to the look of the place.”

    Islip Town Historian George Munkenbeck recently stated, “The generosity of the Gardiner Foundation made it possible for Sayville Historical Society to restore the exterior of the Edwards Homestead and its 19th century board fence. The house and property provide tangible links to the settlement of the Town of Islip and remind us that we are part of a much larger history that built a nation from wilderness.”

    Edwards Homestead is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the oldest dwellings continuously occupied by one family in the Town of Islip. The humble farmhouse was erected shortly after the American Revolution by Matthew, son of John and Sarah Edwards who  leased the land in the early 1760s to establish their farm. After the Revolutionary War, they were able to purchase the land from William Nichols. Their descendants lived in the farmhouse until the 1940s when Clarissa Edwards helped establish the Sayville Historical Society. She and her cousin Sarah gave the house, other buildings and the parcel of land it occupies today to the Society. The organizations five buildings are located at the corner of Edwards Street and Collins Avenue, south of Main Street, Sayville.

    Twice a month from October to June, the Society offers free programs of historical interest.  The organization also host two big events during the year, ‘An Afternoon on the Edwards Farmin June and ‘Holiday Open Housein November.  Every few years we have a wedding re-enactment in May of Caleb and Clarissa Edwardsmarriage in 1862. Students from Sayville High School play the parts of the young couple, best man and maid of honor.

    The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, established in 1987, supports preservation of the history of New York State, with an emphasis on Suffolk County.  Gardiner was, until his death in August 2004, the 16th Lord of the Manor of Gardiners Island.  The Gardiner family and their descendants have owned Gardiners Island since 1639, obtained as part of a royal grant from King Charles I of England.  The Foundation is inspired by Robert David Lion Gardiners passion for New York History, a passion shared by the Sayville Historical Society. For more information visit   www.rdlgfoundation.org

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