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    Movie Review “Allied”
    December 17, 2016 8:54 pm  
    Movie Review “Allied”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I looked forward to seeing this movie, even traveled up to Holtsville to be greatly disappointed and I was so let down by it.

    From the opening shot of Brad Pitt descending to the desert of Morocco and trudging across hills of sand, this movie was over played.  World WarTwo itself gives you enough material to develop a thousand stories.  The movie had WWll and two actors that could bring us a great film but it bombed.  First off there was absolutely no chemistry between the “lovers,” Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt.  I could see Cotillard struggling to carry the scene Brad Pitt was out to lunch, period.  It wasn’t just the acting, it appeared the film never achieved lift off.

    There are so many thoughts that ran through my mind: was it the pacing or the editing.  I wanted the director to get in there and kick start “something.” As a film it came across as being staged and you could see it.  Zemeckis the director has given us great work, “Flight”, “Back to the Future” but he did not come through this time, unfortunately.  As for the writer, Steven Knight, “Eastern Promises.” “Locke”, he held up his end.  I must say if there was any thing solid in this movie it was, Jared Harris, (Frank Hestop).

    Finally the last thing I do is my “ladies room – interviews”:how did you like the movie?  “I liked it, it was a love story.”  Her friend nodded in agreement. They were of an age that they were young girls during WWll. I could hear strains of “Till We Meet Again”, that was understandable and uplifting.

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