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    Book review: “Billy and the Blanket Monster”
    December 17, 2016 8:59 pm  
    Book review: “Billy and the Blanket Monster”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I didn’t have a childhood of being read to and my young years were filled of a pictorial oral history of my parents and their childhood in Ireland, early 20th century.

    Let’s move forward to 2015 and “Billy and the Blanket Monster” written my “Rob” Reichel and illustrated by Mireille Belajonas.  I tried a few time to interview both parties but they were busy.  Rob, between chores at his printing shop did tell me the following:  As an adult he had a dream about “Billy.”  When he got out of bed the next morning he zapped into his computer, “Billy and the Blanket Monster.” Just like that!  He gave me the key to make this child’s book relevant from the view point of a parent.  What parent hasn’t said over and over again “clean your room” to that little person living with you.

    You get a two for one with this gem of a book. A keenly and softly illustrated book by Mireille and a entertaining lesson from Rob, the author.

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