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    HappyPeriod Movement at St. John’s Lutheran Church
    November 27, 2016 6:58 pm  
    HappyPeriod Movement at St. John’s Lutheran Church

    by Pamela Fitzpatrick

    #HappyPeriod is a social movement that gathers and distributes feminine products to homeless women and girls across the country.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/Yourdog_appaws.jpgThe movement that started in Los Angeles, has expanded across North America, and made its way to Sayville.

    Founded by Chelsea Warner, based on a chance encounter with a homeless woman, #HappyPeriod’s mission is to provide menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless who would otherwise go without.  Funding for homeless shelters often doesn’t stretch to cover hygiene products like tampons, leaving women to fend for themselves.  Spread by social media, this registered non profit has multiple branches in cities that include Toronto, Phoenix, Tampa and New York City.

    On Saturday, November 26, a collection drive, organized by Kelly DeKenipp, was held at St. John’s Lutheran Church  on Greene Avenue.  Volunteers accepted donations and packed the signature yellow bags with individually wrapped hygiene items.

    The donations are being presented to the Family Service League , which sponsors a variety of social programs and provides support services to Long islanders.

    For more information on #HappyPeriod, visit their website at hashtaghappyperiod.org






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