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    Theresa Dodaro – A Sayville Author of The Tin Box Trilogy
    October 23, 2016 7:24 pm  
    Theresa Dodaro – A Sayville Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

    by Judy Abrams

    Introducing Sayville resident Theresa Dodaro, wife and mother of a daughter and son, and now an author of two books. These books begin a trilogy geared for older teens, but have been read, praised and appreciated by many readers like myself who are way past high school as well.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/kay2016/Forevermark_KAY-fall16.jpgTheresa has opened her heart to share her life’s experiences in fictional form in hopes of giving young readers entering high school or older adults a message that our lives are full of obstacles, choices and challenges that require responses from each of us. Theresa hopes that her readers can “be strong to not only withstand the challenges that come from within their homes, but also from the society and the world within which they live. There are always struggles and challenges in life; we need to be strong enough individuals to wade through them and keep going. We need to understand that we cannot control anyone other than ourselves, but how we conduct ourselves can give us hope to influence others.”

    The first book of the trilogy The Tin Box Secret takes place on Long Island and upstate at the Ashokan Reservoir. If you grew up on Long Island, this book will spark memories of your own and begin the journey with Julie Ventura, a high school student and how she was raised by her strict father and powerless mother. The challenges she faces during the late turbulent 1960s era and the conflicts in her own home afford Julie the impetus to develop a strong character to help her friends and herself as they uncover family secrets found in a forgotten old tin box.

    The second book, The Hope Chest carries the reader into Julie’s past life as Lottie Clark in another time period and mostly in Vicksburg, Mississippi during the Civil War’s Siege of Vicksburg. The devastation of this time period and location demolished Lottie’s loving family who were caught up in the center. Those who survived became stronger to accomplish feats they could never have imagined.  But as a woman, Lottie’s choices are limited by the times within which she lives.

    The Awakening, a novel by Kate Chopin was inspirational for Dodaro to write The Tin Box Trilogy because it was a book written in 1899 that was taken off the shelves after publication when concern was aroused that it would “give women ideas.”  In Dodaro’s trilogy, readers are transported to various time periods and events woven in the books are historically accurate and researched by the author while the main characters are fictional. The last book of the trilogy, Reawakening should be published in 2017. It follows Julie’s life back into the 1970s and 1980s with a clear remembrance of her previous life during the Civil War. As she becomes aware that people in her current life were with her in her previous life, this causes new conflicts and possibilities. Will her life have a different outcome in
    the 20th century since there are choices available to her that were not available in the 19th century?  I look forward to finding out.

    The covers on the first two books, The Tin Box Secret and The Hope Chest capture the essence of each novel and are beautifully designed by the author’s daughter, Lauren Dodaro. Both are available on Amazon.com in paperback and in Kindle format. Signed copies of both books are now available for sale at The Holiday House Company at 122 Main Street, Sayville. You can follow Theresa Dodaro on her website, www.theresadodaro.com, or on her blog at www.raisingdrama.com. Dodaro will be presenting a Book Talk at The Sayville Public Library on Thursday, December 1st at 7 p.m.


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