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    Movie Review – “Magnificent Seven”
    October 10, 2016 8:08 pm  
    Movie Review – “Magnificent Seven”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I labored over this review.  Bottom line, I got in out of the rain for a few dollars, container of freshly made pop corn in hand and took a seat.

    Guys, they are not making “movies” like they did a few years back.  Thousands of digital aged, computer indoctrinated, have turned an art form into a cold mind blasting encounter.  “Magnificent”, has done it big time.  The big “shoot em out” towards the end went on for an eternity.  I heard a groan to my right to observe a 40 something, pretty hip looking woman, squirm in her seat with a look of disgust/agony all over her face.

    I feel, she felt the same as myself “will it ever end.”  The stunt people in the “biz” must be fully employed and I am pleased for them. Forget about the wranglers dealing with beautiful healthy horses in the “battle” scenes.  The director, Antoine Fugua, has brought us some interesting work.  Gerard Butler, in “Olympus has Fallen” and “Training Day” with our New York, Fordham lad in the lead, Denzel Washington.

    Denzel gave the piece some legitimacy with his presence, his amazing acting.  He knows how to communicate with fellow humans, namely audiences.  I have seen his stage work as well as his movies.  There were a few saving graces. The young Haley Bennett (age 28), portrayed a woman, a leader, a fighter well beyond her biological years, what a delight.

    Finally the great Mr. Washington and the greatness of Mr. Bernstein’s music saved the day.  The pop corn was fab.

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