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    Sayville Garden Club Awards – Fall 2016
    September 18, 2016 8:17 pm  
    Sayville Garden Club Awards – Fall 2016

    Sayville Garden Club is pleased to announce two Fall Beautification Awards.

    The Hauser gardens on Sayville Blvd. feature a number of spectacular flowers and plants.  Particularly striking are the impressive pink mandevillas which line the driveway and circle the pool.

    The Peters home on Seville Blvd. is surrounded by a interesting variety of flowers, bushes, and trees, along with some very unique historic landscape details.

    Area residents can recognize the Club’s award winners each season by the yellow tulip-shaped signs which are displayed in front of the winning homes.
    Willie Hauser – Sayville Blvd.

    Robert Peters – Seville Blvd.

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