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    Movie Review – “Sully”
    September 18, 2016 8:09 pm  
    Movie Review – “Sully”

    by Joan Lengyel

    I was called Sully by one friend most of my life due to my last name when I was young.  To this film I give recognition to the Director Clint Eastwood.

    Right from the get go I enter a packed theater, haven’t seen this since “American Sniper”, yep both films directed by Mr. Eastwood.  Most of us were aware of “Sully’s” “landing” a huge plane in our Hudson River.  We know what the Captain looked like from the news reporting.  Now, how to pick up this front page event and turn it into a film and have us live through it were made by the crew of “movie makers.”

    Eastwood is know to be a man of few words.  When he was told his “Adam’s apple” was too large to make it in film, he took himself to Italy and made “spaghetti westerns”.  Years later when he was back in Hollywood he finished directing a movie  The studio head insisted he chop off one half hour.  When the dispute dead locked, Clintwood told the studio head to call him when he changed his mind and that he would be at Paramount a rival studio.  Even though Clint does not shout “ACTION” when directing he sure brings great movies to towns across America.  This movie is a reenactment of that freezing January day few years back.  Hanks delivers the character of “Sully” flawlessly.  Kudos must go to make up for the physical transformation (white hair, mustash).  This is a story of coolness under fire.  An airline pilot landing a plane on the surface of a major river saving 155 “souls”.  Sully and his co-pilot then have to be grilled by the transportation board.  Here we go go again with the Monday morning quarterbacks, which took two years to be resolved in Sully’s favor.  At best he held onto to his pension after forty years of service to his employer.  A good movie, don’t miss it.

    Hat’s off to New York Waterways for coming to the rescue immediately.  Thank you once again “first responders.”

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