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    Back- to-School and Your Pet
    September 11, 2016 11:22 am  
    Back- to-School and Your Pet

    by Pamela Fitzpatrick

    It’s that time of year again: back-to-school and shorter days! Families are spending so much  time on school work and after school activities.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/Yourdog_appaws.jpgThis change in routine can be very confusing for your pets. Suddenly,  human companions are rushing in and out the door, having less time for walks and play.

    Getting back into the fall routine is never easy for any of us, including pets. Dogs in particular are creatures of habit and thrive on structure and routine.

    Here are a few suggestions for a smooth pet transition to back-to-school:

    • Set a routine and give responsibilities. If you haven’t already, work with your family to set and a daily routine that works for your family’s lifestyle and can be followed, not just on school days, but all year long.  Establishing a pet care routine will help everyone in the family deal with the changes this time of year brings.  Be sure to include feeding, potty breaks, walks around the neighborhood for dogs  and of course, play time!
    • Don’t forget to try and give all your pets extra attention when everyone gets home from school/work.  Consider Including your pets in your evening family time.
    • During the summer many houses are full of sounds. When vacations end and the kids go back to school, homes are suddenly quiet! To help ease pet anxiety, try leaving relaxing music playing (or the radio on) when the house is empty.
    • Providing interesting/interactive toys  during the day will help keep your pets occupied and out of trouble. Now would be a good time to introduce new toys or rotate existing ones. Try stuffing rubber Kongs with peanut butter- freeze in advance for a long lasting doggie treat!

    Finding ways to include your pets in daily/weekly activities helps the whole family experience the love and joy that comes with pet ownership, and your pets will thank you for it!

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