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    Garbarino Praises Steps Taken To Fight Heroin In NYS
    May 22, 2016 6:55 pm  
    Garbarino Praises Steps Taken To Fight Heroin In NYS

    A Statement from Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino

    Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I-Sayville) praised the Senate and governor for their efforts to combat the heroin epidemic facing New Yorkers across the state.

    The Senate announced additional treatment opportunities for those struggling with addictions while the governor unveiled increased funding to provide new programs.

    “Today I commend the governor and Senate for joining us in bringing about additional funding and policy initiatives to address the crushing heroin epidemic in New York State,” said Garbarino. “For months as the heroin crisis has swept the country with devastating force, the Assembly Minority has been across the state meeting with and talking to addicts as well as the families and friends of victims and these actions today are an indication of our diligent efforts. It’s difficult to believe that heroin has snuck its way into our schools and neighborhoods, but the unfortunate reality is that heroin addiction knows no bounds, and we must work not only as legislators but as a greater community to shut down this ugly drug.

    “Addiction is a deadly disease and knowing the Senate and Governor have introduced reforms that directly reflect what the Assembly Minority has been tirelessly advocating for is a comforting step as we work to eradicate this ugly epidemic. We need to do more to treat and prevent addiction, and my colleagues and I remain committed to the cause and will continue to fight for more funding for addiction treatment and prevention resources.”

    Earlier this year the Assembly Minority released a report titled The Heroin Epidemic – A Report on Heroin Use, Treatment, Prevention & Education Efforts in NYS. The report provides solutions that would protect our communities and provide those suffering from addiction with much-needed resources to be rehabilitated.

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