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    Emotions are High at Sayville High School St. Baldricks fundraiser
    May 22, 2016 6:36 pm  
    Emotions are High at Sayville High School St. Baldricks fundraiser

    by Linda Mittiga, Sayville Schools Public Relations

    Hair clippers hummed and shorn locks fell while cheers, applause, and laughter echoed in the courtyard off the high school lunch hallway.

    The Annual St. Baldrick’s Day fundraising event, to raise awareness and money for Childhood Cancer research, was sponsored by the Sayville High School Student Government and was held on a beautiful sunny day with well more than fifty students participating.

    For the many brave students, willing to bow their full heads of hair beneath the barbers’ shears, this worthy cause was enough motivation. But for others, whose lives have been directly touched by cancer, their involvement gave them a sense of pride.

    Sayville Senior Meg O’Connor, the honored guest of the day, was an ideal model of the St. Baldrick’s “look,” the result of her own chemo treatment for lymphoma, and enjoyed seeing her classmates show their support while she supported them for shaving their heads with her beaming smile. Among the students compelled to share their stories how cancer touched their lives were Payton Sweeney who remembered her brave mother with her gesture and Laura Eichele whose mom is a cancer survivor.

    While Payton and Laura had their heads shaved, many of the high school girls were more comfortable having their long hair cut at the pony-tail. In addition, Head of Security (pun intended) John Giambrone stepped up to the barber chair, as well as Mr. Blatter, who was the lucky” teacher chosen to get his head shaved, the result of a two-week lunch-time poll conducted by the Student Government.

    It was a day of high energy and high emotion that made everyone smile, some due to the sudden change from the haircut, and others through their tears of remembrance. Student Government advisors LynnAnn Perlin and Katherine Van Dorn were also all smiles–Sayville High School raised $1,300 for Childhood Cancer research.


    Three girls in photo ( L-R)  Sayville Senior Meg, along with Sayville Freshmen Payton Sweeney and Laura Echele

    Linda A. Mittiga
    Sayville School District Public Relations
    (631) 244-6514


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