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    “London Has Fallen” Movie Review
    April 3, 2016 6:09 pm  
    “London Has Fallen” Movie Review

    by Joan Lengyel

    This time out I’ll give you a combination of a movie review and my own personal observations.  I just returned from South America, Australia and the Middle East.

    On the surface, our day to day lives are similar and commercialism is alive and well.  TOYOTA has captured the market on taxi-cabs.

    Now to the movie:  A Gerard Butler/Alan Siegel production and let me repeat this is just a MOVIE.  An attempt is made on the life of the U.S. President who is attending a State Funeral in London.  The production itself is a good movie with very convincing actors, Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart.  The musical score by Trevor Morris is fabulous, again, I say the music in a film can be well over 60% in telling a story.  It is the usual Secret Service caper.

    Gerard Butler, more than is humanly possible, fills the shoes of Agent Mike Banning Secret Service Agent.  His assignment is to protect the President of the United States.  Butler is not only a very masculine leading man as an actor he is also a very handsome charismatic image on the screen.  The intensified build up in the beginning of the film grabs your undivided attention, well done.  Moving along until the bullets start to fly we go HOLLYWOOD full blast. The emphasis is “BLAST”.

    London is leveled with every piece of fire power made by man.  Picture BERLIN at the close of World War ll, rubble. I was thinking how are the Brits taking this artistic license but it is only a movie, right.

    A great Action/Drama film with ample character development that should be pleasing to most movie goers.

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