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    Movie Reviews by Joan Lengyel – The Revenant
    January 16, 2016 12:06 pm  
    Movie Reviews by Joan Lengyel – The Revenant

    Pretty good movie. I liked it for innovation of filming with just natural light. Being a painter, I could see the lighting set up for each frame of the movie over and over again.

    The Director just used natural light or the light from a fire. They had to go from Alberta, Canada to Argentina to film snow.

    The story telling did use artistic license but it worked at times. The main character goes through so many death defying mishaps and survives it became comical to myself and the three women sitting in back of me. I had to say that Hugh Glass the lead (DiCaprio) was “one tough son of a gun.”

    Beautiful landscapes with roaring rivers were pleasant to the eye. This film is a visual delight. I was thinking we could use a few of the survival skills shown in the movie. By the way, Glass gets attacked by Grizzly bear and travels 1500 miles to seek revenge.

    This review is a bit tongue in cheek but different and good. Just go see it.

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