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    Movie Reviews by Joan Lengyel
    January 3, 2016 7:08 pm  
    Movie Reviews by Joan Lengyel


    The individual is VALEDICTORIAN of her class, a great achievement. This film shows what happens when an individual lets the norms of life take over.

    One goes through life playing societies role. In this instance the pattern that is layer out comes apart at the seams. The individual is left to dissipate on this pile of wasted cloth. Wait a minute, this individual has proven with the sanction of society that she is highly intelligent. She is self motivated by her curiosity and it works pretty well for her. Hold on that is just the first step in this country (free enterprise). Wait until you attempt the first step in this country in the field of competition in the market place. She gets pretty well beat up and nailed to the wall. Remember this person was a VALEDICTORIAN, blooded, yes, but with a fully functioning brain. Take to the paper work, read, she does. She finds her own unnoticed “loop holes” to her screamers. In one word: FRAUD and the beat goes on. She, by her own SELF, will comes out a winner.

    This individual known as JOY is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence. There is a stellar cast supporting Jennifer, Robert DeNero, Dianne Ladd and Bradley Cooper, to name a few. The cast member that gave the best performance was (Trudy) portrayed by Isabella Rossellini. I think this might be a career path for Isabella in MAIN STREAM MOVIES. Her weight in the industry has been proven by independent films. Her hair style and wardrobe deserve a nod of recognition. This is a well rounded piece of entertainment.

    “Star Wars The Force Awakens” – The Force Returns

    Director/Writer J.J. Abrams plays it safe, back stories are vague. This is fine with me being this is my first viewing of the Star Wars Franchise.

    Didn’t run or reserve a seat for this film. A few of my movie mavens encouraged me to see it. You will like it! They were right about that. A thrilling outer space epic was saved by placing personable talented actors through out.

    Harrison Ford (Hans Solo) is back. His character is a senior that hobbles a bit when action is required, runs about 9 feet. His comedic timing is spot on, he was a delight. Lela (Carrie Fisher), Debbie Reynold’s daughter, did her best with the rank of General. The new faces on the block for me are Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn). Great chemistry and mature acting skills. A stand out performance by Brendon Gleason’s son, Domhnall Gleason (General Hox). The sound track of John Williams is still a force. A pretty good movie, she says, as the dollars flow into the multi millions at the box office.

    I’m looking at the closing which takes place on a rugged ocean coast line. I’m thinking that grass is IRISH and sure enough it was Ireland, Kerry Island on Skellig Michael. Scenes shot on Skellig Michael are some of the most stunning in the movie (UNESCO, World Heritage site).

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