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    Long Island High School Students participate in Island-based Cultural Exchange
    December 17, 2015 9:38 pm  
    Long Island  High School Students participate in Island-based Cultural Exchange

    by Linda Mittiga, Sayville Schools Public Relations

    For educators, creating a climate of constructive collaboration can go a long way at addressing diversity.

    As part of a Cultural Exchange program to bridge diversity on Long Island, forty Leadership Club students at Sayville High School welcomed forty Amityville students who were invited to spend a portion of their school day participating in classroom lessons and school-related activities at Sayville High School.

    After the Sayville Leadership Club greeted members of The Warrior Awareness Club (aka as the WAC PAC) at the main entrance, everyone enjoyed a breakfast reception, followed by successful “ice-breaker” activities. Once the Sayville and Amityville students paired up, the Sayville students took their counterparts to classes. Later, they all reconvened for a large Thanksgiving-style feast prepared by the Leadership Club organizers that commingled students from different geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic perspectives and allowed them to unwind and share stories and experiences.

    Both the WAC PAC and Leadership Club members expressed positive feedback about their day and look forward to the club’s visit to Amityville in Spring. The success of last year’s exchange and this year’s visit have encouraged Leadership Club advisors Jennifer Wittman-Cahill and Angela O’Hoppe along with The Warrior Awareness Club advisor Jason McGowan to continue on their mission of closing the cultural gaps and all it has to offer in the future between the two districts!



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