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    Movie Reviews by Joan Lengyel
    October 30, 2015 7:29 am  
    Movie Reviews by Joan Lengyel

    Can’t knock a guy that has his product connecting the entire world, namely “APPLE.” “Steve Jobs,” the movie, is trying to show us the visible and the invisible.

    The visible is the sale of, in one day, 40 million pieces of machinery.  The invisible is what caused a man to be a machine himself.  Michael Fassbender (“Hunger” and “Shame”) does an excellent piece of acting with his face where there is the absence of dialog.  Fassbender’s appearance saves the film with the assistance of (Kate Winslet, “A Little Chaos”).  A bit slow moving but could be curiosity piece.

    “Bridge of Spies”

    Just comparing the two leading characters that actually lived in our times was troubling.  James Donavan (Tom Hanks) a local lad (Fordham University) who used his intelligence and humanity and not to say the Constitution of the United States.  Up against formidable opposition Donavan saved lives and averted a show down with the Soviet Union.  A United States spying air craft is shot out of the sky.  The Air Force pilot Francis Gary Powers was instructed to kill himself and destroy the “U2” if he were to be discovered  He did not and was held captive thus the introduction of a swap of spies.  We had one of their operatives in jail also.  Donavan was clever negotiator that is the heart of the story.

    A great and true story and a feel good movie. Footnote: the Irish rock band chose to name itself “U2” as only the Irish would do.  Bono’s daughter (in real life) Eve Hewson plays one of Donavan’s children.  Saw “U2” the band a few months back and they were electrifying and this movie is not electrifying but it tells the story of one man that is solid, direct and honest.  I read the U.S. Constitution and fairly recent history.

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