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    October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
    October 29, 2015 8:01 am  
    October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

    by Pamela Fitzpatrick

    With nearly 10 million animals entering local shelters across the country every year, October’s Adopt -a -Shelter- Dog Month helps focus attention on the pet population problem we face in this country.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/Yourdog_appaws.jpgAdopting a dog can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, and when you adopt a shelter dog, you save a life!

    Although shelters and rescue groups fervently hope that people will adopt shelter dogs during the month of October, it is a big decision, and deserves careful consideration. Here are some points to consider before you adopt, courtesy of petfinder.com.

    Do you have pets now? How will they react to a new dog?

    Is your current residence suitable for a dog?

    Do you have a plan for your new dog during vacations and/or work travel?

    How do the people you live with feel about having a dog in the house? Are there any health issues , including allergies , that may be affected by a dog?

    Is there an adult in the family who has agreed to be ultimately responsible for the dog’s care?

    What do you expect your dog to contribute to your life? For example, do you want a running and hiking buddy, or is your idea of exercise watching it on TV?

    Have you considered your lifestyle carefully and determined whether a younger or older dog would be a better match for you?

    If you are thinking of adopting a young dog, do you have the time and patience to work with the dog through its adolescence, taking house-breaking, chewing and energy-level into account?

    Can you train and handle a dog with behavior issues or are you looking for an easy-going friend?

    Do you need a dog who will be reliable with children or one you can take with you when you travel?

    Once you’ve decided that adoption is right for you, there’s no better time than now!

    Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center:
    210 S. Denver Ave., Bay Shore, NY 11706 Phone: 631-224-5660

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