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    9-11 Memorial and Roll Call
    September 15, 2015 3:10 pm  
    9-11 Memorial and Roll Call

    An emotional 9-11 memorial service was held, September 11, 2015, at Rotary Park at The Common Ground in Sayville.

    The event marked the 14 year anniversary of terrorist attacks on American ground.

    The night started with a Roll Call and Tribute to Founding Members, Friends and Supporters of The Common Ground. The Common Ground President, Barbara Fitzpatrick acknowledged past and present Board members. She recognized the Rotary Club of Sayville and the Park’s founding members thanking them profoundly for their initiative to create a place of peace from sorrow.

    “This is a place of peace, joy and inspiration for everyone, a place where life is celebrated and people are encouraged to meet their neighbors to connect as a community.”

    The park continues to flourish through the hard work of master gardener Nancy Angermaier known by everybody as Purple Nancy and her helpers. The park also thrives with the help of event coordinators Melissa Fiore & Mary Novotny who put together Wednesdays in the Park and Family Fridays.

    A photo montage, provided by Rob Weber, of past events  rolled in the background while Pam Raymond recognized the hard work and dedication that went into the Pamela Raymond Pavilion. The Pavilion was built by current Sayville Chamber President John Cox and his company and is an essential part of the park and the center stage for all events.

    Legislator William Lindsay III spoke about his father, Legislator Bill Lindsay, and remembered how much the Park meant for him. The late Legislator, who genuinely loved the park, sponsored many events and often came and watched the shows with his family and friends as a participant not as a political figure.

    The National Anthem sang by Rick Magnani and St. Ann’s choir echoed through the night as the public listened in remembrance. Jordan Ramsaywak of the Sayville Congregational United Church of Christ Youth Group delivered a prayer and Gabriel Silva brought tears to everybody’s eyes with his songs. Gabriel’s own “Falling Slowly” was an inspiring tribute. Twin Shores Chorus followed with an amazing rendition of “I Believe” and Mary Novotny delivered a powerful poem dedicated to friends lost on 9-11.

    The 9-11 event, coordinated by Mary Novotny and the rest of hard working volunteers at The Common Ground, concluded with a candle lighting and labyrinth walk while Sean Barry played his Bagpipes.

    As every year, the student volunteers from the Sayville High School Anchor Club help distribute the lit candles and participated in the labyrinth walk.





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