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    Running the Marathon for the Grange
    September 10, 2015 10:04 am  
    Running the Marathon for the Grange

    I would just like to thank the Friends of the Grange for sponsoring me in the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon.

    http://www.sayville.com/banners/suemiller-hp.jpgI am running this race for a couple of reasons.  The marathon is part of the Veterans Running Series on Long Island and my personal goal this summer was to complete all of the runs in this series.  I am doing this in honor of my father who is a disabled veteran.  I also have a goal of completing a full marathon; which will soon be checked off my bucket list.   Although I won’t be the fastest, and I hope not the slowest, my plan is to let my feet hit the pavement, reflect on the past, take pride in the present and set new goals for the future.

    My most recent reason for running however is for The Friends of the Grange and helping to promote the Civil War Weekend starting September 18, 2015.  I recently had the opportunity to volunteer and promote to “Save the Grange” at Sayville events, such as Sayville Summerfest and Margaritaville so I figured why not promote while I’m running through Suffolk County.  The Friends of the Grange have been kind enough to sponsor me in this race and I’m looking forward to volunteering to help fundraiser at the 7th annual Civil War weekend.   I have been a resident of Sayville since 1979 although I did have a 10 year hiatus while attending school and working in Florida.  I believe that restoring the history of the Grange in this Islip town is a great asset to the community.  I’ve attended Apple Festivals, car shows and summer concerts at the Grange and seeing those buildings always gave me a sense of what Sayville was like back in the 19th Century.

    I would like to see the Grange restored so it is important that we “Save the Grange.”

    Submitted by: Lora Batorsky

    About the Run

    Community Information from http://suffolkmarathon.com/community-info.html

    There are 90,000 veterans who call Suffolk County their home—these are our friends, family members, and neighbors. The Suffolk County Marathon and Half Marathon is an opportunity for us all to thank, honor, and support our local heroes, as all net proceeds will go directly toward expanding and enhancing services for veterans and activity-duty military personnel living right here in Suffolk County, many of who are suffering from the physical and psychological wounds of serving our country.

    We cannot, however, hold an event of this scale without the understanding and involvement of our hosting communities, and we sincerely thank all of our residents for their patience and support. It is our sincere hope that you will come out to the race course on the morning of September 13th and show your support for our runners and veterans. If you need to travel during the morning hours of September 13th, it is important to note that minimizing any unwanted impact to our hosting communities has been—and will continue to be—at the forefront of the event’s planning. Suffolk County Police will be directing traffic across Montauk Highway at key intersections (listed below) throughout the entire morning, wherever gaps in runners present themselves. Optimal crossing times are noted. We do want to stress that there is expected to be heavier runner traffic on Montauk Highway outside of these optimal times, which will make it more difficult, though not impossible, to cross the course.

    Intersection Hamlet Best Times To Cross*
    Bridle Way / Oakdale Bohemia Road and Montauk Highway Oakdale Before 8:30 AM; B/W 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM; After 12:30 PM
    West Oak Drive and Montauk Highway Oakdale Before 8:40 AM; B/W 9:25 AM and 10:00 AM; After 12:15 PM
    Atlantic Avenue and Montauk Highway West Sayville Before 8:45 AM; B/W 9:30 AM and 9:50 AM; After 12 PM
    Greene Avenue and Montauk Highway Sayville Before 8:45 AM; After 11:45 AM
    Gillette Avenue / Railroad Avenue and Montauk Highway Sayville Before 8:45 AM; After 11:45 AM
    Amy Drive and Montauk Highway Sayville Before 8:55 AM; After 11:40 AM
    Bayport Avenue and Montauk Highway Bayport Before 9:00 AM; After 11:20 AM
    Snedecor Avenue and Montauk Highway Bayport Before 9:00 AM; After 11:20 AM
    Gillette Avenue and Montauk Highway Bayport Before 9:00 AM; After 11:15 AM
    Division Avenue and Montauk Highway Blue Point Before 9:00 AM; After 11:10 AM
    West Aveneu and Montauk Highway Patchogue Before 9:00 AM; After 11:00 AM

    *SCPD will be directing traffic across the course between gaps of runners throughout the morning; these times reflect the periods in which we anticipate the least congestion

    Residents can also register to receive real-time updates by joining our Nixle alert groups by texting 888777 with the message SUFFOLKRACE for community-oriented updates or SCRUNNER for event-oriented updates.

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