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    Garbarino: Pensions For Criminals Is Criminal
    August 10, 2015 5:06 pm  
    Garbarino: Pensions For Criminals Is Criminal

    Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I-Sayville) weighed in on the recent article published by Newsday revealing that 13 state legislators are eligible to receive their pensions despite being convicted of a crime. New data from the state comptroller’s office predicts that this will cost New York nearly $604,000 dollars a year in taxpayer money.

    “It’s inexcusable that the people of New York will be forced to pay the pensions of state legislators who disregarded their responsibility to the state,” said Garbarino. “These individuals acted wrongfully and failed to uphold their duty and there is no reason we should be rewarding them for their corruption. Funding the retirements of such crooked politicians should outrage every New Yorker.

    “While the Assembly Republicans have consistently pushed for legislation to strip these criminals of their taxpayer-funded pensions, the Assembly Democrats have made a concerted effort to dodge real reform,” Garbarino said. “Assembly Democrats have been coerced by big special interests and have avoided implementing legislation that would formally end this practice.

    “During session I voted in favor of legislation that would strip these criminals of their pensions and put that money back into the hands of New Yorkers where it belongs. The Assembly Republicans and I recognize that continuing to allow convicted legislators to collect taxpayer-funded pensions is criminal. Serious changes must be made in order to restore the people’s trust in Albany,”

    Garbarino has consistently voted in favor of legislation that would work to end corruption in Albany. Despite hurdles to reform from Assembly Democrats, Garbarino has vowed to remain committed to real reform in New York State.

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