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    Movie Reviews
    August 4, 2015 9:59 am  
    Movie Reviews

    By Joan O’Sullivan Lengyel

    “Mission Impossible”

    Coming to Sayville, “Mission Impossible.”  The theme music (“Lalo Sohifrin” composer), kept thumping in my head. Popped in for the 4:30 PM Sunday afternoon show.  Did an informal survey in the lobby but got a better response from the ladies cuing up to use the ladies room that had just seen the film.  I got an over whelming positive response. Thumbs up all around.  They were surprised it was not showing in the big theatre but in small theatre room.  With my popcorn and soda in hand I settled into a comfortable seat in an A/C controlled environment.

    The franchise lives! Tom Cruise has done it again. This is a blockbuster action film.  $56,000,000.00 weekend domestic gross. The IMF is mentioned through out the movie and I’m thinking it’s the International Monetary Fund.  No, the IMF in the film is the evil “syndicate” and the beat goes on from the writer and director Christopher McQuairee.

    Lets just say it is an international fast paced spy caper. Never a dull moment on the screen.  What makes this film a stand out?  Of course, Mr. Cruise without a doubt.  This time out Tom has a very capable action actress Rebecca Ferguson as a co-star (she did all her own stunt work). They trained for months.  I would say the casting and the editing made this film rise above the rest. Tom’s character had a very trustworthy group covering his back., namely Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames.  They were tight and in sync with one another.  Now we cannot forget the fly in the ointment CIA man, Alan Hunley played by our own L.I. lad, Alec Baldwin.  Baldwin’s performance was fine tuned and subtle. McQuarrie must be given high grades to make a rather predictable franchise piece soar.

    “Jimmy’s Hall”

    “Jimmy’s Hall” is an “Art Film” to be seen at a few of our independent movie houses.

    If you should not get to see it on the big screen, a DVD down the road is your best bet so request it at your local library.  “Jimmy’s Hall” is actually a dance hall in County Leitrim, Ireland.  Innocent enough wouldn’t you think.  Unfortunately when there is a gathering of the Irish their native spirit comes to the surface.  Slowly, the “dance hall” grows from a social gathering into a place where the Irish Culture starts to breath, come alive.  There are poetry readings, writing, song, dance and even the “art” of boxing.

    The dance hall was built on the rural crossroads by a local lad, Jimmy Gralton in 1921.  The bigger picture in Ireland at the time was the emergence of a Civil War. The popularity of the hall started to be a concern of the local church and the politicians  With a broad brush they denounced the emergence of such a free spirited group in their midst.  Being free spirited and with so called “socialist leanings” the powers to be force the closing of the hall.  Jimmy flees to New York.  A decade later with America in the throws of a depression, Jimmy returns to Ireland. Upon his return, he sees the growing cultural oppression and the poverty.  The leader and activist in him comes to the forefront and he reopens the hall once again on the instance of the town’s young people.  The powers to be the church and the politicians come on with guns blaring in the name of the law and the church resulting in the closing of the hall once again. With this happening, Jimmy has to flee to America never to see his homeland again.  He did leave behind  a legacy known as the “Fighting Irish.” You see the towns population marching as they follow Jimmy as he is being arrested.  There is a fire in their belly and they are not going to take this oppression any more.

    Director Ken Loach also was instrumental in bringing forth Irish History in the film “The Wind that Shakes the Barley.”

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