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    Lucky to live in Sayville
    June 18, 2015 12:15 pm  
    Lucky to live in Sayville

    Letter To The Editor

    The Chamber is made up of community storekeepers and business people who are interested in maintaining and bettering the hamlet and the community.

    These people take their valuable time and funds to serve our community, drawing in people to the special events and to maintain the quality of our Main and adjacent streets.

    A few years ago a visitor to Sayville from another part of Long Island told me that I was “so lucky to live in Sayville.” I have passed this observation on to others.  Do not forget this observation for we are very lucky to live and participate in our local area.  Do appreciate our village; do shop in our fine stores and restaurants whenever you can even if you have to pay a little more.  Participate in school activities and the children’s sports teams.  Do attend the parades, free concerts, shows, and lectures offered by the Town, the Historical Society, Sayville Library, and the Common Ground.

    Remember that others say that we are lucky to live in Sayville.  We should too.

    Ed Neale

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