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    Sayville High School Student Sean Barry Fundraises for Clean Water
    March 12, 2015 8:57 am  
    Sayville High School Student Sean Barry Fundraises for Clean Water

    Letter to the Community

    I have been in contact with an organization called the Thirst Project since November. They are a non profit organization based in Hollywood, whose main goal is to provide clean drinking water for the more than 748,000,000 people who do not have access to this necessity. This organization is recognized by the UN and currently are running clean water campaigns in Central and South America, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Swaziland, the Middle East, and India.

    They are an internationally recognized organization, are partnered with the UN, and are endorsed by large corporations that pay for offices, transport, and even post it notes. Why is this important? It allows for 100% of money donated to go directly towards building a well, filtration system, or purification system. If $2 is donated, every penny of that $2 is being directly applied to projects. Wells can cost anywhere from 7.8K in Uganda, to 20K in Kenya, it is all dependent on water table depth, terrain, and distance to a town/village/city.

    In my opinion, these are small numbers compared to the number of lives that I intend on improving, and I’ll even say, saving.

    UN reports show that from the day before a well is installed, to the day after a well is installed, there is a 90% decrease in water illness related deaths, and an 80% drop in overall disease death rates. Swaziland, the country where we intend on building our well, has the highest AIDS/HIV population density in the world, people are dying from exposure to unsafe water before these diseases have a chance to even come close to killing them. It costs roughly $12,000 to build a well in this country.

    I came in contact with the organization through inquiry and was able to arrange for a representative of the organization to come to our school and give a presentation. His name is Evan Wesley and is one of the 8 full-time employees of the organization. He spoke at my school last week, and caused a massive interest in the program.

    I have partnered with clubs in my school to receive volunteers to run my operations. Through using Evan’s presentations to bolster interest and motivation, I am currently supervising three fundraising operations.

    We have started a dirty water bottle campaign, which is students making water symbolizing the water that 4,500 children die from every day from drinking and coming in contact with. The majority of student and teachers in my school have participated, when people see others carrying the bottles on their person, they ask what it is for, and those participating inform them of the water crisis, causing awareness and education.

    Also, we are selling water droplets. These are paper cut outs that students buy and put their name on. We are hanging these up around the school, showing that we stand with those that are denied the right to safe water.

    Lastly, on March 31st is Crystal Clear, the concert to end the water crisis. This event is featuring student bands, student singers, rappers, electronic music designers, guitarist, ukelele players, violinist, pianists, and my competition bagpipe band, that have all volunteered to play. We are charging admission, selling bracelets, t-shirts, water-droplets, and we are accepting donations.

    Again, 100% of proceeds are going directly toward the creation of a clean water source. Below are fliers I have had circulating in my school the past couple of days. I would like to extend all of you an invitation to attend my concert, donations are greatly appreciated.

    For more information, please visit my fundraising website, my.thirstproject.org/seanbarry

    Help me support Thirst Project by making a donation. I truly appreciate any support you can provide. 100% of the donations go DIRECTLY towards building freshwater wells! Together we will END the global water crisis! Lets help bring the 760 million people around the world clean water TODAY!

    Make a donation here: my.thirstproject.org/seanbarry


    Crystal Clear

    The Concert to End the Water Crisis


    Water Droplets on Sale Now!!!


    Dirty Water Bottle Campaign


    Evan Wesley , Sean Barry and Jahan Rahman

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