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    Garbarino to Governor Cuomo: Release School Aid Runs
    February 10, 2015 8:24 am  
    Garbarino to Governor Cuomo: Release School Aid Runs

    Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I-Sayville) today called on Gov. Cuomo to release his Executive Budget school aid runs. Without these school aid runs, Long Island’s local schools are unable to plan their budgets for the upcoming school year. The governor is refusing to release the school aid runs until the Legislature passes a series of highly controversial education reforms. This tactic essentially holds local school districts hostage, so Garbarino is calling on the governor to quit playing politics with our kids’ education and release the aid numbers.

    “Long Island’s parents, teachers, and students deserve better than what Gov. Cuomo is giving them. Our schools are not pawns on the governor’s political chess board to be sacrificed for his ambitions,” said Garbarino. “Our schools need to know how much state aid they will be receiving so they can plan their budgets accordingly. I vow to work alongside Long Island school districts to pressure the governor into releasing the school aid runs and make sure our schools get their fair share of state aid.”

    School aid runs are the portion of the state budget that allocates the state budget’s pot of school aid to school districts across the state. The state budget authorizes a certain amount of money to be devoted to school aid, and this money is distributed based on a school aid formula. The results are then listed in the school aid runs that are usually released with the budget. This way, school districts can plan their budgets for the next school year. Therefore, the governor withholding these school aid runs sets school districts back in their planning for the upcoming year.

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