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    Letter to the Community from the Sayville Little League
    January 8, 2015 8:23 am  
    Letter to the Community from the Sayville Little League

    We hope you enjoyed the holiday and wish all a Happy New Year.

    This being said, we regret to bring you some somber news. We wanted to wait a few days before we soured your New Year with this disturbing discovery.

    Sometime between Christmas Eve and Sunday, December 28 the Broadway Field House was broken into. Sadly our culprits destroyed the Girl’s Minors Championship Trophy, trashed the girl’s scoreboard remote and stole the boy’s scoreboard remote. Suffolk Police and Park Police have filed reports.

    Here is what we know…

    Saturday night December 27, Islip Town Park Police arrived at Broadway to break up a crowd of what was estimated to be 75 to 125 kids. Park Police believe they arrived while break in was in progress and chased them out.

    They could not confirm if damage/theft was done prior to or during this confrontation. Police have photos from the incident and some individuals can be seen and soon will be identified.

    SCPD will be posting this incident on CRIME STOPPERS and they are confident they will apprehend those responsible. They have also advised us to inform the community via email, local media and the school district.

    Park Police/SCPD have been summoned several times to Broadway and are now reaching out to the public and the leagueto help them apprehend the individual(s).

    Talk to your kids. See what they know. Also inform your kids that Broadway will now be under camera surveillance, added security lighting and increased police patrol. So have them spread the word. We have also informed Sayville Youth Football and Lacrosse of this incident in anticipation they too will join the community in putting an end to this unfortunate and ongoing abuse.

    Sayville Little League, Youth Football and Lacrosse are three organizations that will be using the new Broadway facilities. Over 25 volunteers within these three organizations are active or retired law enforcement employees. So these culprits are in for one heck of a surprise. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! This is Sayville after all. A great community that cares…and yes, talks.

    So it’s just a matter of time!

    Very sad our community has to deal with this. Please, if any of you pass by Broadway or Gillette Parks and notice anything, by all means say something. We all need to be proactive in protecting our facilities and start to take a stand!


    Thank you,
    Sayville Little League

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