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    Kirra the Jack Russell Terrier is back home
    September 18, 2013 7:56 am  
    Kirra the Jack Russell Terrier is back home

    by Pamela Fitzpatrick

    On Tuesday afternoon, September 18th, Jane found a Jack Russell terrier on one of the side streets off Johnson Avenue.  The little dog was in the middle of the street, so Jane pulled over and opened her car door- the dog jumped in.  Jane brought the  dog to two local vets, one of which was Grady Animal hospital (a member of the Lost and Found Pet Response Team), but no one at either place recognized her and there was no chip.

    Dr. Mark at Grady sent me a message about the dog, but I hadn’t had time to post the info. In the meantime, Jane called the hotline and told me about the (same) dog she had found.  We made a plan and created some flyers.  Jane was going to start circulating them in the morning,  as it was now evening. I sent the details about the dog in to sayville.com as normal.

    This is where it gets weird- about an hour later I got a call from the dog’s owner Melanie, she said she got a text with my number on it regarding a lost Jack Russell!  The notice had gone out on sayville.com Facebook, but we have no idea how the owner got a text. Anyway,  I gave Melanie Jane’s contact info and she was soon reunited with her cute little dog, Kirra.

    Guess someone saw the FB posting and passed it on?  Thanks to Jane  and an anonymous texter, Kirra is home safely!

    Call or text: 631-255-4480 or email: appawspetsitting@yahoo.com

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